What is the #Emprenbit program?

The #Emprenbit Program is designed with the aim of promoting the creation of innovative companies in the Balearic Islands by offering specific services and support for entrepreneurs with ideas and / or business models based on the knowledge infrastructure. The program offers support in the business model definition and validation in a privileged environment for the launch of "start ups" such as the Balearic Islands Technology Park (ParcBit) and the Centre Bit Menorca (Alaior).

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What kind of projects is the #Emprenbit program designed for?

As an incubator hosting technology-based projects, we seek innovative projects where technology has a key role in its business model.

Is your project is a web platform? An e-commerce? Do you want to develop an app? A videogame? A new form of tourism intermediation? If so, or your project is related to any of our current projects, get in touch with us.

To join us, It is not necessary to have a company incorporated or to be freelance, nor have a business plan completed; we want you to do all that with us!
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The ideal place to start your project space

We currently offer two support programs, depending on the state you indicate in which your project is:

Acceleration: For business projects in the initial phase, where there is not yet a product on the market or the launch is recent and the generated revenue is still low. A state in which networking other entrepreneurs and validate the business model is key. In this program you will access a period of intensive training, individualized follow-up and access to working stations in our space of more than 400m2 for 12 months.

Growth: For companies with a product on the market, a team formed with demonstrable metrics and traction. Accessing this program you can enjoy an advisory service designed to push your growth and also individual offices for a maximum period of 36 months.

HUB: For consolidation and expansion projects which have completed their incubation period in Parc Bit, but want to keep their registered office in the tech park and participate in our networking activities.


Formación en herramientas para el diseño y validación de tu modelo de negocio

As a preliminary and necessary step to develop a business, we consider fundamental to validate a business model. For this we believe that is very necessary to know the latest methodologies and metrics for the design and validation of business models.

"Learn quick, fail cheap" is the philosophy behind the Lean Startup methodology for the start-uo management, that is based on the premise of developing only those ideas that the market demands.

The process of client development is the process that trying to verify that there really is a market that will pay for the product or service offered, ensuring the rapid growth in the model once launched.

Once validated, your business model will help in planning the launch of your business project, guiding you in the analysis and drafting of bussines plan .
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Support to research of funding for your business

Most start-ups and new companies need to access to external funding in order to launch their projects. There are few entrepreneurs capable of financing a company with their own resources.

There are many possibilities available to finance your project: credit, public programs of financing, equity loans and private investors are some examples. In ParcBit's Business Incubator we will help you find the most appropriate source of funding for your project.
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Promotion of networking and business cooperation

Collaboration and networking can be key to the success of a business idea, for this reason we encourage "networking" between projects through regular sessions, presenting new initiatives and search for synergies among entrepreneurs.

With this objective, timely, and for projects in the growth phase, we seek the participation of prestigious entrepreneurs in the tech park to collaborate on entrepreneurs mentoring.

We are also involved in the dissemination and selection of projects for entrepreneurship awards at national, regional and local levels, as are the awards granted by Caixa Capital Risc, University of the Balearic Islands and Palma City Council.

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If you think that the #Emprenbit Program can be of help for your business project, do not hesitate and send us an application!